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AFACERI.RO CONFERENCES 2017 program continued in 2017, a year that witnessed 11 events. The focus was held towards international trips, offering romanian entrepreneurs the chance to study new markets and identify new opportunities for the development of their businesses on an international level.

The 5 economic missions were organized in: USA (California – Nevada, New York), Kazahstan (Astana), Russia (Moscow – Vladivostok with the Transsiberian) and China (Hong Kong, Macao).

In Romania we had 6 national conferences: Iași, Brașov, Constanța, Suceava, Târnăveni and București.


In 2016 we continued to explore together, with our community members, the existing opportunities both in the country and outside the borders. We facilitated the market related learning and adapting processes for our participants, strategic partners identification and innovation ideas exchange with other entrepreneurs and colleagues.

During this year organized 20 events. We held national conferences in Iași, Tușnad, Bacău, Vaslui, Constanța, Suceava, Brașov, Târnăveni, Piatra Neamț, Brăila, Galați, Oradea and Timișoara. We also travelled to economic missions in a few European cities (Cernăuți, Odesa, Londra-Hampshire, Comrat-Gagauzia and Oslo-Svalbard), Asian cities (Shanghai and Beijing) and two in North America (Las Vegas and San Francisco).


For 2015 we intended to expand the national program of local conferences, given its significant and positive impact on the business environment in the past years. Local and regional business communities need constant support and innovative ideas, along with the know-how of the field specialists and advice from experienced entrepreneurs.

The first meeting of the year was sponsored by in Iași, in February. We started the spring season with an economic mission in Chișinău and at the beginning of April we got together with the entrepreneurs from Vaslui. Mid-April, the city of Brașov was for the third time the destination of our team. The month ended with a Bacău meeting, while May started with the event in Piatra Neamț. Also in May, the team reunited across borders for an economic mission in Beijing, China.

Spring came to an end with the entrepreneurs’ meeting in Suceava. The beginning of summer found us active both nationally and internationally, being marked by a conference in Timișoara and the economic mission in Milano, organized with the occasion of the Universal Exposition EXPO Milano 2015. The first half of the year terminated with the second edition of the event in Brăila, autumn being inaugurated by a memorable economic mission in Cernăuți, followed by a national conference in Craiova. In October we met with our collaborators in Galați. This year’s series of conferences ended with the event in Oradea.

AFACERI.RO CONFERENCES 2014 organized in 2014 a series of 18 conferences in the largest cities of Romania and abroad. The theme of every event was adapted to the hosting country and city, with the goal of bringing fresh ideas and visions that can lead to local development, efficiency and new businesses.

Galați and Constanța were the two cities that laid the first stone for the conference series of 2014, in March. The schedule continued with an event in Vaslui, in April. At the end of springtime, the cities of Botoșani, Iași and Piatra Neamț were the hosts of some successful conferences. The summer of 2014 was full, taking us to events in Tulcea, Brăila, Bălți and Brașov. In September, Suceava held a national conference, whereas Vienna held an international one. In October, the event destinations were Chișinău, Ploiești and Craiova. The ending of autumn faced us in Oradea in November, while the București event summed up the group of successful conferences in 2014. At every event, entrepreneurs and professionals of local companies got together to discuss the challenges met by the business environment and development opportunities.

AFACERI.RO CONFERENCES 2013 integrated 9 conferences that took a tour of the main cities in the country, adjusting the theme of every event to its hosting city, in order to bring together the forces that can generate local growth, efficiency and new businesses. The conferences started out in April 2013 in Suceava, continuing with Iași, Craiova, Brașov, Constanța, Bacău, Piatra Neamț, Cluj-Napoca and ended in București.

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