National Program events represent the most substantial national program of local business conferences which assemble the business environment delegates and those of local and national administrations, to stimulate the balanced economic development on the entire Romanian territory. These events debate the current challenges faced in the business environment and focus on people, role models, news, information and inspiration regarding the use of new technologies, modern management and marketing, and funding instruments. They also aim at the development potential of each region and bring together the forces that can generate local growth, efficiency and new businesses.  

The speakers present at our conferences are leaders, officials, business people, professionals, entrepreneurs and decision-making persons. 

Between the approached topics within these events there are: export, business internationalization, modern marketing, new technologies impact, urban areas and local businesses development, start-ups directions, funding sources, people, companies and inspiration.

From 2013 to 2016 we brought even more value to the business environment through the organization of 71 local, national and international economic meetings and collaborated with City Halls, City Councils, Commerce and Industry Chambers, local, national and international campaigns, non-governmental organizations and other institutions towards the unfolding of these events.

In 2017 we planned 6 local conferences in different romanian cities, but also other international projects, such as 5 economic missions. We had in mind to continue attracting renowned companies both nationally and internationally, successful romanian entrepreneurs, to highlight the support opportunities provided by the local authorities and to promote the business environment outside the capital.

2018 announced itself to be a special year in which we managed to bring romanian companies with a development potential even closer to their goals regarding internationalization. We wanted to organize 4 economic missions in various corners of the world, on different continents. The novelty of the year was represented by 2 bootcamps for entrepreneurs held in unique locations such as Kamceatka and Beijing-Tibet.

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