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Project Manager, Ecoplus
Simone Hagenauer


Project Manager, Ecoplus


Simone Hagenauer holds a master degree in Law from Karl-Franzens University Graz/Austria and specialised in European common law and environmental law. Since 2003 project manager at Ecoplus, the Lower Austrian business agency, she has been responsible for cross-border business cooperation projects as well as cluster development projects.

Key areas: Cross-border and inter-regional business cooperation (ETC, FP6 CSA, CIP, INTEREG IVC/Europe), cluster policy, international cluster co-operation and cluster manager skills. As European Cluster Excellence Benchmarking Expert and Gold and Silver Label Assessor since 2012 she interviewed and assessed cluster organisations in Hungary, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Austria. Simone is a member of the global cluster network TCI, the European Cluster Management Excellence Technical Advisory Board, the Steering Committee of the Austrian Cluster Platform and the German “Go cluster” Advisory Board.

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22 nov. 2017
11:10 - 12:40

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23 nov. 2017
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