Director General, Te-Rox Prod
Doina Cepalis


Director General, Te-Rox Prod


Te-Rox Prod is classified as being one of the strongest, dynamic and powerful company in Romania. It has reached up to this high level of performance thanks to the brightness and perseverance of its entrepreneur, Doina Cepalis, with a willing of succeed without any compromise.

The company produce children car seat covers and seat belts for brands like Nania, Ferrari, Fisher Price.

Te-Rox Prod a corporate group was founded in the year of 2007. Basically, the company had a start in small steps, having only 10 employees and a real capital of 10.000 Euros.

The company’s Annual Turnover increased from 230.000 Euros in 2007, to 20 million Euros in 2010. The business recorded an average increase of 650,9% between 2007-2010.

At the moment the company’s Turnover is around 25 million Euros and more than 90% of the production goes for export in more than 61 countries.

The corporate Group Te Rox has 5 work centres in Moldova county and the the number of employees had rise to 1040 pers.

The company’s turnover is still increasing, the company is still expanding and looking for new opportunities.

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