Conference Anchorage 2023

9th june, 2023

The Conference Anchorage 2023 will take place on the 9th of June 2023. This event promises to be an extraordinary gathering of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, and we are thrilled to have you join us.


  1. Greg Wolf – Executive Director at World Trade Center Alaska
  2. Michael James Dunleavy – Governor of Alaska
  3. John Springsteen – State of Alaska Industry Development
  4. Marius Alexa
  5. Alexandru Lazescu

These renowned speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and their insights will provide invaluable guidance for your business endeavors. Prepare to be inspired and gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends and strategies.

📍 Event Details: Date: 9th June 2023 Location: Anchorage, AK 99501

The conference will be held in the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska, providing a conducive environment for networking and collaboration. Anchorage is renowned for its vibrant business community and breathtaking natural landscapes, offering a perfect backdrop for an engaging and memorable event.

This is a unique opportunity to expand your professional network, exchange ideas, and foster new partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to gain insights from industry experts and learn from their success stories.

Mr. Michael James Dunleavy


Mr. Michael James Dunleavy is the Governor of Alaska, known for his dedication to public service and commitment to the people of the state. With a deep understanding of Alaska’s unique challenges and opportunities, Governor Dunleavy strives to make a positive impact on the economy, education, healthcare, and natural resources of the state.

Mr. John Springsteen


Ms. John Springsteen is a prominent figure in the State of Alaska’s industry development landscape. With a strong background in business and economic development, Mr. Springsteen has dedicated his career to promoting sustainable growth and fostering a vibrant business environment in Alaska.

Mr. Greg Wolf


Mr. Greg Wolf is an esteemed professional serving as the Executive Director at World Trade Center Alaska. With a wealth of experience and expertise in international trade and business development, Mr. Wolf plays a pivotal role in advancing Alaska’s global economic interests.

Mr. Alexandru Lăzescu


Mr. Alexandru Lăzescu, an esteemed media expert,  will discuss the evolving landscape of communication and the role of media in shaping our world, the impact of new technologies on the new society but also about economics and geo-politics facts.

Mr. Marius Alexa


Mr. Marius Alexa, a renowned entrepreneur and visionary, will delve into the strategies and mindsets that drive successful innovation and business growth.


*Agenda poate fi modificata din motive obiective.

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