3rd Edition. Online Business Conference

Afaceri.ro Cernauti 2020
Ukraine - Romania Business Highway
Infrastructure, Trust, Partnerships & Innovation

18th June 2020, 17:00 / Zoom

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The objective of the conference is to strengthening collaboration and finding business partners.

During the conference, a brief foray into the road transport policy in Romania will be made with a special focus on infrastructure projects toward the border with Ukraine. Will be discussed that easier access to the Baltic Sea and Black Sea will produced strong interregional socio-economic development in both countries. The dialoguie will follow topic like business opportunities, crossborder cooperation, entrepreneurship and Cernauti-Iasi strategic relation.



I. Opening Speeches

George Zvirid was National President 2008 and Senator for Junior Chamber International Ukraine. He also was Head of Rotary ICC Ukraine-Romania.At the moment, George Zvirid’s position is Director at the company SAGA Software.

Irina Loredana Stănculescu. General Consul of Romania in Chernovtsy.

Viktor Podorozhnyy. Head of the Department of Regional Development of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.


II. The Business Highway

MVA is looking for partners in Ukraine

Flaviu Manea is an economist engineer and offers high quality consulting services for the private investment sector. Since 2019 he is the president of the "Moldova Vrea Autostradă" Association.

When A7 highway will reach the border?

Adrian Covăsnianu. Geographer working in the field of urbanism for over 14 years. Passionate about infrastructure, environment and regional development. Vice President of the Association "Moldova Vrea Autostradă" with activities for monitoring major infrastructure projects, proposals for technical solutions and project implementation strategies. Honorary Adviser to the Romanian Minister of Transport.



III. Business Opportunities in Cernauti

Alin Cauneac - A success business story.
Director Marvicon Academy Ukraine, owner and Managing Director at Extracomunitari.ro and HBG Recruiting.
International Transport and Multinational Human Resources.

Oleksandr Bohachyk
CoFounder "BrushMe" and "ArtFour"
President CBG "Chernivtsi Business Group" 2020

Vasyl Yavorskyi.
CoFounder Bacara Coffee
President CBG "Chernivtsi Business Group" 2015

Mihail Pop
Director, TRANSPORTLUX Cernauti.

Valerii Gherman.
Administrative Director at TM Intertex.

Volodymyr Bondarenko.
Rotary International District 2232 (Ukraine & Belarus)
Governor Nominee 2021-2022
Rotary Club Ivano-Frankivsk Charter President.

Yuri Chalapchiy
Director of Kaskad Developers Group
Rotary Club Chernivtsi, President 2019-2020

Vitaliy Tano
Co-founder of the PODOL agency for promotion and development of business;
Founder of Fly Park Children's Entertainment Centers,
Founder of Big Burger and Bitz Burger fast food restaurans and other brands;
Brand Chief of different fast food restaurants and coffee shops;
Crisis Manager of business and entertainment centres;
Development Manager and Idea Man.


Conference Director & Moderator

Marius Alexa is the CEO of the media company Arhipelago and has been noted for his active involvement in the development of the national business environment, especially through the promotion of online tools to support entrepreneurs.

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