Bootcamp Kamceatka 2018

the 19th - 28th of July 2018 Kamceatka Kamceatka Kamceatka Kamceatka


  • Explorers
  • Bold entrepreneurs
  • Enthusiastic intrapreneurs
  • Original travelers


  • Business courses
  • Entrepreneurship trainings
  • Exceptional discoveries
  • Beautiful landscapes


  • Petropavlovsk
  • Kamceatka inland
  • Bering Sea
  • Moscow

Agenda Bootcamp Kamceatka 2018*

*The agenda might change due to objective reasons.

Day 1: Red Square Experience

  • Flights to Moscow
  • Transfer and hotel check-in in Moscow
  • Moscow City Tour - Red Square visit

Day 2: Flight over Russia

  • Moscow - Petropavlovsk flight

Day 3: Petropavlovsk arrival

  • Transfer and hotel check-in in Petropavlovsk
  • Time for rest and individual schedule

Day 4: Petropavlovsk experience

  • Business training: How to conduct business with Russia
  • Petropavlovsk & surroundings sightseeing

Day 5: The Valley of Geysers experience

  • Crash course: Introduction to Siberia and Russian Far East
  • Trip to caldera of the Uzon Volcano

Day 6: Kamceatka inland experience

  • Business training: Lateral thinking in entrepreneurship
  • Trip to Kurile Lake

Day 7: Bering Sea experience

  • Business training: Risks and innovation in entrepreneurship
  • Boat tour to the Avacha Bay and Starichkov Island

Day 8: Volcano experience

  • Business training: Getting things done
  • Ascent to Mutnovsky Volcano

Day 9: Volcano experience

  • Business Game
  • Excursion to the Volcanoes Avacha and Koryaksky

Day 10: Departure day

  • Hotel check-out and transfer to the airport
  • Petropavlovsk - Moscow flight
  • Flights from Moscow to Romania



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