Bootcamp Beijing – Tibet 2018

20th of June - 4th of July | Beijing, Lhasa, Kathmandu Tibet Tibet Tibet Tibet Tibet Tibet


  • Leaders
  • Bold entrepreneurs
  • Enthusiastic intrapreneurs
  • Spiritual travelers


  • Business courses
  • Entrepreneurship trainings
  • Spiritual discoveries
  • Beautiful landscapes


  • Great Wall of China
  • Trans-Tibetan Train
  • Mount Everest
  • Beijing – Lhasa – Kathmandu

Time, energy and stress management through mindfulness: here and now total and relaxed presence and focus; mindful communication with yourself and with others*

*This bootcamp will include mindfulness trainings by Elisabeta Stanciulescu

1. Mindfulness = a set of simple, healthy and productive attitudes and practices, resulting from conjoining the buddhist philosophy and recent scientific research.
2. What it means to be present here and now = to be totally focused and relaxed (mindful)
3. Brain and distributive attention (multitasking)
4. Multiple brains and mindfulness
5. How to train here and now total and relaxed focus (mindfulness)
6. How to listen mindfully

a. Listening, cognitive dissonances and cognitive distortions
b. Listening and defenses of the Ego

7. How to give mindful and constructive feedback
8. How to mindful receive feedback (positive or negative)
9. Training mindful listening and constructive feedback
10. Training time and energy management
11. Training emotions/stress management

Agenda* - Bootcamp Beijing - Tibet 2018

* The agenda might change due to objective reasons.
21st - 24th of June
20th June & 4th July
2nd - 4th of July
25th of June - 1st of July

Day 1: Arrival in Beijing

After arrival, the participants will be transferred and will check-in to the hotel.

Day 2: What can we learn from the building of the Great Wall?

The participants will visit the famous Great Wall of China.

Day 3: How to manage power as an emperor

The experience will include landmarks such as Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace.

Day 4: Last day in Beijing

  • Time for individual schedule during the day
  • Departure to Lhasa by train in the evening

Bucharest – Beijing flight

*The flight will arrive in Beijing on the 21st of June.

Day 12: The spiritual journey of an entrepreneur

The group will cross the boarder to Nepal and will continue their road to Kathmandu.

Day 13: Kathmandu experience

The day will be dedicated to the most beautiful and famous places to see in Kathmandu.

Day 14: Last day in Kathmandu

Before departing to Bucharest, the participants will have some time for individual schedule.

Day 11: Everest Base Camp

The day will include:
  • Entrepreneurship success course
While heading towards the border, from Rongbuk to the Old Tingri, the participants will pass the Everest Base Camp.

Day 5: Training on the Trans-Tibetan train

The participants will spend the day on the train:
  • 2 training sessions
  • spectacular landscapes

Day 6: Arrival in Lhasa

  • crash course about Tibet
  • hotel check-in & time for rest and individual schedule

Day 7: Lhasa Experience

The day will include:
  • Business Game
  • Visits to Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkor Street
  • Tibetan style welcome dinner

Day 8: Lhasa Experience

The day will include:
  • Entrepreneurship & spirituality course
  • Visit to Drepung Monastery
  • Visit to Sera Monastery

Day 9: Lhasa to Shigatse

The day will include:
  • Entrepreneurship endurance training - part I
On the way, the participants will see landmarks such as:
  • Yamtso Tso Lake
  • Karola Glacier
  • Gyantse Kumbum
  • far view of the Gyantse Fortress

Day 10: Shigatse to Rongbuk

The day will include:
  • Entrepreneurship endurance training - part II
On the way, the participants will see landmarks such as:
  • Tahsilunpo Monastery


Elisabeta Stanciulescu


Sociolog & Profesionist dezvoltare personal-profesionala


CEO, Arhipelago



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