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Short Description GIZ is an agency of the Federal German Government and a world wide renowned development consultant.
GIZ offers customised solutions to complex challenges. We are an experienced service provider and assist the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. We offer demand-driven, tailor-made and effective services for sustainable development.
Contact person Manfred van Eckert
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We develop the capacities of representatives of national, regional and local authorities, private sector and civil society to engage in a dialogue and to cooperate to improve regional conditions for private sector development and competiveness. This equips them to implement targeted measures that boost the competitive advantages of a region and create an enabling environment for the private sector.

Sustainable local and regional economic development uses the entire range of proven approaches and instruments in supporting the:
private sector development
regional development and rural and urban development
evaluation of economic potentials and outline competitive advantages
dialogue on economic development between representatives of elected local authorities, private sector and civil society (public-private dialogue) as well as project concept with Public Private Partnership
development of tailor made strategies for economic use
dismantling legal and regulatory barriers to private sector development
foster selected value chains and develop growth cluster passed approaches
strengthen business associations and chambers of commerce and industry
improvement of administrative services available to companies on local and regional level
establishing a monitoring system that records the impact of measures
foster promotion activities

Overall, we can draw on extensive experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of all of the areas outlined above. The GIZ sector division for Economic Development and Employment at our Head Office employs more than 50 specialists dealing with economic reform, private sector development, technical and vocational training, finance and innovation and technology development. Added to these are a large number of experts working as technical advisors in projects worldwide. Beyond our staff expertise, we draw on a wide network of German and European institutions, which we can access at short notice. The services described above are based on the experiences and references from past projects in private sector development over the last 20 years. GIZ has successfully implemented projects in the areas outlined above all over the world, including various EU member states, Russia, as well as EU accession countries.

In supporting Romania’s reform programme, GIZ builds on many years of close cooperation with the Romanian Government and private sector partners. Since the early nineties, GIZ has cooperated with Romania on behalf of the German Government in establishing the pre-conditions for a market economy and market-oriented structures, including preparation for the European Single Market, support for structural reforms or the development and implementation of economic promotion instruments. It has also successfully supported the absorption of EU-Funds in Romania. Programme examples include the national Programme for Economic and Employment Promotion as well as the Urban Development Programme in Timisoara und Sibiu.

We ask for Get information about the current main constraints and planned measures of the Romanian competiveness with emphasis on its role in enhancing employment opportunities and growth poles
Get information about current and planned future measures for enabling youth to find jobs and employment opportunities
Discuss needs for international TA support to improve the current systems and the requirements needed by the Ministry and its Institutions.
Discuss current and planned future measures or programmes for enhancing the inclusion of minorities with emphasis on the Roma minority group.
Discuss utilization and unused options for future Public Private Partnership Programmes
Assess need for support which can be rendered and/or is demanded from German institutions and the GIZ.
Discuss options and the next steps for the involvement of GIZ and German expertise in improving the competiveness of regions, to foster foreign direct investment, labour market development and vocational training systems
Discuss options for the involvement of GIZ for the implementation and planning of the new operational programmes for the next EU financing period in Romania

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