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Recycled Textile
Kinga Uto


Recycled Textile


The launching event will sound like this in newspapers:
The solution to make the world a better place.
What problem do you solve through your startup?
Reusing textile waste, clothes.
Please describe the #BigIdea:
The BigIdea is to attract attention that we can make new things from reused textiles, like toys, case, holder etc. Consciously reuse al the things that we need in every days.
Why do you think people need your solution?
Because we don’t need so many new things as we buy.
Why do you want to participate in the accelerator program and what are your expectations?
To learn all about the teams` offer.
Tell us about the team:
My team is formed by me and my sewing-machine and friends who care about me.
Economic field of the activity:
Firms that are also interested in recycling, reusing.