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Cluster Manager of iTech Transilvania


Cluster Manager of iTech Transilvania


Bianca Muntean is the Cluster Manager of iTech Transilvania by ARIES T and Executive Director of the Romanian Association of Software and Electronic Industry – Transilvania Branch. She is also the founder and vice-president of Transilvania Creative Cluster.

During the past years, she specialized in cluster policies and cluster management and, in 2016, she successfully presented her doctoral thesis in Management at the Babeş-Bolyai University, entitled “Excellence in Cluster Management in IT”.

Since 2002, Dr. Bianca Muntean has been involved in the elaboration of various development regional and sectorial strategies: Transylvania 2007-2013 Development Strategy, Public Sector Recommendation Policy Papers, thus contributing to the Strategy of Development for the IT Sector in Romania, promotion and SME Mobilization for FP7.

Through her multiple roles, Dr. Muntean contributes to what innovation means in one of the most important economical centers from Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca. She is known as a “bridger” for creating unique connections between fields apparently without any connection between them, thus creating projects and contexts which have brought Cluj in European attention as good practice. She is the recipient of the Innovation Luminary Award in 2017 as the young innovation role model for dynamic, pragmatic hands-on OI2 bridgership in Cluj, in the OI 2.0 event of the European Commission.

Through her participation in different international conferences, high level business missions, workshops all over the world, she actively promotes Cluj and Transilvania business environment and their unique competences.

BIANCA MUNTEAN la evenimentele Afaceri.ro

Part IV: Business Driven Innovation

22 nov. 2017
15:45 - 17:30

EEN Brokerage Event (Simultaneous)

22 nov. 2017
13:45 - 17:30